Why Jesus?

The reality is that the Church has made Jesus something He never was; boring and irrelevant.

The simple truth is that He is awesome, loves a party and is perfect love. If that is news to you, get in touch, visit us or read on and we’ll unpack that for you!


Lead singer of U2


Lead singer of U2

‘No it’s not far-fetched to me. Look, the secular response to the Christian story always goes like this: he was a great prophet, obviously a very interesting guy. But actually Christ doesn’t allow you that.  He doesn’t let you off that hook.

Christ says, “I am God incarnate”.

So what you are left with is: either Christ was who he said he was, or a complete nutcase. I’m not joking here.

The idea that the entire course of civilisation for over half the globe could have its fate changed and turned upside down by a nutcase, for me that’s far-fetched.’

How does Jesus affect me?

Jesus died on the cross to take all your rubbish and cleanse your soul, and He rose from the dead to dethrone the darkness and defeat death itself.

Through Jesus we are offered a relationship with our designer; our perfect, unconditionally loving Father in heaven.

To find out more about Jesus, join our next Alpha course.

So how are you, really?

Jesus loves you. He wants you well, free, and uninhibited by life’s challenges. So, we love ya too and we’re here to help any way we can.

We aren’t a replacement for the hospital or doctor, but we are here, experienced in loving people back to life and practically serving them to get back on their own two feet with a healed heart.

If we can help guide you to trusted professionals or support your healing journey through any of the below, please don’t delay, get in touch today. You are loved!

Crisis Help

Feeling overwhelmed and at the end of yourself? Don’t battle on alone. A problem shared is a problem halved, we can point you in the direction to get the urgent support you need.

– Financial crisis
– Mental health crisis
– Suicidal thoughts
– Food crisis
– Relational crisis
– Abuse

Practical Help

We’re here to help. Sometimes even small things can feel overwhelming. You and your needs are not insignificant, so let us know if we can support you practically today. Some examples of ways we help are:

– Financial support
– Meals
– Company
– Errands
– Lifts
– Advice

Spiritual Help

The spiritual world is just as, if not more real than the natural one. If you want us to pray for you for healing or you need a prophetic encouraging word, or if you feel like you’re struggling with spiritual issues like some of those listed below, Jesus can bring you freedom.

– Freedom from occult
– Freedom from Freemasonry
– All-consuming thoughts
– Demonic interaction
– Addictive behaviour
– Generational behavioural traits
– Sickness
– Lost passion for life
– Inner brokenness

Emotional Help

Thankfully the world is coming to terms with the need to get us mentally healthy. We can help support you or, if needed, direct you to the support you need. We’re here to listen and journey with you in complete confidence.

– Depressive thoughts
– Self-doubt
– Confusion
– Panic attacks
– Loneliness
– Anxiety

Still got questions?

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